Monday, February 1, 2010


Pure in Nyc is probably the most fabulous living and raw cuisine i've had so far! It's gourmet, so I simply couldn't handle such decadence every single day... that's why I was so happy to find their take out window.. around the corner! The take out side of Pure makes it possible for those of us who can't afford to sit down for 2 hours and eat squash blossoms.. maybe we just want a nice cool water chestnut drink or a micro salad. Perfect. I simply love it all. If you buy the cookbook, take your time with it. Pure Food and Wine 54 Irving Place, New York - (212) 477-1010

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  1. Thanks for the nice post about Pure Food and Wine! :) you look great w/ sous chef Ben and waiter Victor. HOpe we'll see you again soon.. :-) xxSarma